“Have just attended the premier of this inspiring movie ! It makes me feel so proud to live in this richly coloured manning valley so beautifully captured by @scandish films. The music by Hamish McDonald set the mood , scary and eerie at the right times and playful and joyful at other points…. the best part was hearing the little boy behind us saying it was too scary to watch and having to hide behind my seat!!! Well done to the talented handful of true locals that made Graham Mansfield’s clever and respectful movie of the Dreamtime stories come to life for everyone’s enjoyment.”

” Congratulations!! We thoroughly enjoyed the Ghindaring. The cinematography was fantastic. It will attract visitors to Mount George.  There are also so many talented local actors. We were telling friends about the movie at morning tea the next day. As I thought about the story I was amazed at the many different facets. Humorous (chew ears off!), corruption, old growth logging, dope growing and the Dreamtime. It was an enigmatic ending which is the best way. So impressed.
And so generous that it was a fundraiser for the cancer council”
Julia & Dave

” Wow 😮 so good . Awesomeness there !!!
Great work and so good a truly local team from Manning Valley .”

” Congratulations for conjuring up this intriguing story. The production was terrific and some great acting. The main star, James Archinal, was outstanding. Had us on the edge of our seat. “

” Saw the premier today. Well done everyone! It was an amazing achievement. I really enjoyed it 👍 “